VF Corp. Selects Partner for Supply Chain Execution

Retail leader to implement warehouse management solution as first step in new distribution center strategy

Retail leader to implement warehouse management solution as first step in new distribution center strategy

Atlanta — October 24, 2005 — Greensboro, N.C.,-based VF Corp., an apparel company, said it will be using Manhattan Associates' warehouse management, labor management and performance management solutions in its Outdoor division's newest distribution center (DC) in Visalia, Calif.

These solutions will be implemented based on business needs to streamline for business unit growth, support the implementation of automation technologies and accommodate overall system modernization. VF said its Sportswear division implemented Manhattan Associates' warehouse management and trading partner management solutions in 2004, and the wholesale division followed in 2005 with much success.

"VF Corp. selected Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management solutions with optimization capabilities as we began our new DC strategy because of our excellent existing relationship and the proven results we have experienced from their solutions in other divisions," said Terry Brown, VF's director of common systems.

VF said it will continue upgrading to Manhattan Associates' latest version of its warehouse management solution as the DC strategy and business plans allow. As a part of VF's common system portfolio, the company will look to this as the solution set to support future growth. Manhattan Associates' solution fits with VF's existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from SAP and is expected to help improve the consolidation process and enhance overall performance.

"By embracing concepts such as shared services and common systems, VF Corp. continues to offer world-leading brands to its consumers while cutting operational costs by optimizing its DCs," said Jeff Mitchell, Manhattan Associates' executive vice president, Americas. "VF and Manhattan Associates saw success with the implementation of our supply chain solutions in its Sportswear division, and we look forward to growing our relationship further."

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