"Value Beyond Compliance" with RFID Pilot Program

GenuOne also creates radio frequency identification lab to demonstrate platform results, educate customers

GenuOne also creates radio frequency identification lab to demonstrate platform results, educate customers

Boston — January 6, 2004 — In an effort to enable the move toward radio frequency identification (RFID) compliance, GenuOne, a provider of value chain security and visibility solutions, today announced TraceGuard-RFID Optimized Infrastructure (TraceGuard-ROI), which the company said is an assessment pilot program to help companies find the most effective methods for the RFID compliance process.

The provider said TraceGuard-ROI is designed to give companies, such as suppliers needing to comply with Wal-Mart's January 2005 deadline for RFID compliance, with a blueprint not only of the hardware and software requirements for compliance, but also how those solutions can help them to achieve a more streamlined and data-rich value chain.

The announcement of TraceGuard-ROI follows the release in the fall of TraceGuard 2.5, a unit-level product tracking middleware platform for RFID systems and other tagging technologies.

"The movement toward RFID compliance being spearheaded by Wal-Mart will result in a shift in the way in which companies will approach their value chain," said Jeffrey Unger, CEO, GenuOne. "The TraceGuard platform is designed to allow companies to achieve value beyond compliance, and the Trace-ROI program was created specifically to show them how to get there."

Unger said TraceGuard-ROI combines a business case assessment with a formal technology proof-of-concept that tailors the deployment of the TraceGuard platform to the needs of a particular company's value chain. He explained that this then allows companies to use GenuOne's "TraceWare" software model to bridge the gap between hardware/edgeware and enterprise business applications.

GenuOne also announced today the creation of a RFID Demonstration Laboratory at its Boston-based corporate headquarters. The new lab is designed to be complementary to GenuOne's primary development facility in Princeton, N.J., and allows GenuOne to physically simulate the workings of the TraceGuard platform at each point in the value chain to customers, partners, prospects and others.

Salil Godika, vice president and general manager of TraceGuard Systems, said, "As the movement toward RFID compliance gains momentum in 2004, this lab will be a lynchpin in the education process of our customers looking to enhance their existing value chain."