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Tweeter Home Entertainment Group to better manage shipment and invoice information, track order status

Tweeter Home Entertainment Group to better manage shipment and invoice information, track order status

New York — January 13, 2004 — Specialty consumer electronics retailer Tweeter Home Entertainment Group announced it has selected Global exchange Services Inc. to provide it with electronic data interchange (EDI) outsourcing for communicating purchase orders, shipping notices and invoices with their suppliers, in addition to a Logistics Visibility solution.

According to GXS, the Logistics Visibility solution, obtained through the acquisition of Celarix in June, tracks the inbound status of orders and shipments — from order creation to proof of delivery.

Integrated with Logistics Visibility, EDI outsourcing service integrates with Tweeter's internal enterprise systems, external trading partners and transportation carriers worldwide and offers a "timely flow of order, shipment and invoice information," GXS said.

"Tweeter must continue to capitalize on its extended supply chain initiatives," said Bill Morrison, vice president and chief information officer, Tweeter Home Entertainment Group. "Logistics is one of the most important areas for us to master."

Tweeter's visibility into its logistics operations has been a largely manual effort, according to Morrison. He said the retailer was challenged to meet its benchmarks for timeliness and accuracy of information due to the volume of data and the number of suppliers with which it conducts business. By outsourcing its EDI logistics efforts to Global eXchange Services, Morrison confirmed that Tweeter's order fulfillment, merchandise, sales, transportation and distribution groups would have faster access to better information.

Global eXchange Services said its new Logistics Visibility provides a centralized source for logistics information about any order shipment, regardless of transportation mode. Consolidating information across transportation service providers, customs brokers and trading partners, the application tracks information to provide a summary of shipments, orders and items as well as their status throughout the supply chain.