ServiceBench Adds Report Card Features to Service Assessment Solution

Lets manufacturers dispatch service providers based on servicers' performance ratings to increase customer satisfaction

Lets manufacturers dispatch service providers based on servicers' performance ratings to increase customer satisfaction

Fairfax, VA — January 19, 2004 — ServiceBench, a provider of Web-based service supply chain management applications, today rolled out new "report card" features in its service-provider assessment solution, adding capabilities designed to help manufacturers dispatch servicers based on specific service ratings.

Report Card, part of the PerformanceCenter solution, gives manufacturers analyses of the performance of their service partners based on such key factors as quality, delivery and cost, incorporating direct feedback from customer surveys.

The newest features tie these report cards together with DispatchCenter, which enables automated service scheduling and dispatch via the ServiceBench Web site. Servicers that are ranked highest can now be given first access to service calls, helping to ensure that the customer is getting the best repair experience possible.

In addition, the solution can help manufacturers better control costs and identify important trends to help reduce errors, more effectively manage parts supplies and identify potential problem areas earlier in the process, ServiceBench said.

"Our goal in tying together Report Card's functionality with the DispatchCenter solution is to give manufacturers direct access to key performance data that is integral to a healthy services supply chain and long-term customer relationship," said Michael Dering, president and CEO of ServiceBench. "Sometimes a service technician is the only face a customer has to put with the manufacturer, and these newest features help ensure that the relationship is positive and intact, while strengthening the entire service experience."

Mark Newell, head of communications and training for the Consumer Services Group of Electrolux Home Products, said that ServiceBench has helped revolutionize the way that EHP manages its service business by enabling the company to deliver fast, responsive support to its service companies and consumers.

"These newest Report Card features from ServiceBench help EHP ensure the best possible service, reduce costs associated with potentially inaccurate warranty claims and deliver parts to service companies with a 99 percent fill rate that is on time, complete and accurate, one of the highest performances in the industry," Newell said.

PerformanceCenter and DispatchCenter are part of Service Supply Chain (SSC)/Central, a suite of Web-based applications that serves as a dedicated electronic hub for service supply chain transactions between manufacturers, parts distributors, extended warranty providers, retailers and service providers. SSC/Central is designed to help manufacturers and service-based organizations eliminate inefficient, costly processing systems; ensure compliance with business rules; record and analyze key data; prevent manual mistakes; and increase brand loyalty, according to ServiceBench.