Streamlining Product Development Processes at Redline Communications

Telecoms manufacturer taps Omnify Software for bill-of-materials, engineering-change-order management

Telecoms manufacturer taps Omnify Software for bill-of-materials, engineering-change-order management

Wilmington, MA — January 19, 2004 — Telecoms manufacturer Redline Communications is using a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution from Omnify Software to manage product development from new parts inception to product completion.

Redline is a privately held Canadian company located in the Toronto area, focusing on product innovations in the broadband fixed wireless industry.

In evaluating tools for product lifecycle management, Redline required a solution that could be leveraged primarily by the engineering department, but that could also provide an easy-to-use interface that would enable engineering to incorporate other divisions' requests, comments and approvals into their design environment. Omnify provides PLM software for mid-market electronic, medical, mechanical and defense manufacturers.

"When we reviewed PLM solutions, it was extremely obvious to us that Omnify was developed by a team that truly understood the engineering department," said Michael Dobre, director of engineering services at Redline. "Omnify's deep understanding of our business and out-of-the-box functionality that supports engineers resulted in the perfect solution for our company."

Redline's engineering and operations departments, as well as the company's contract manufacturing partner, are using Omnify PLM on a daily basis, the solution provider said. In developing new products and new parts, as well as customized solutions for client requests, Redline is able to manage the entire process, from request, to idea inception, to delivery of product via Omnify PLM, according to the provider.

Omnify said its Web services-based approach to delivering its solution supports Redline's integration demands. Omnify integrates with Redline's engineering environment, ORCAD CIS, to help speed the product development process. Redline's next step will be to fully deploy Omnify's document management capabilities. This will help ensure a secure and controlled document management process among the company's entire product development team.

"We were impressed with Omnify's off-the-shelf capabilities for engineering change orders (ECOs) and bill of materials processing, and we have been further impressed by how easy it is to integrate the solution with our existing systems," said Dobre, who also praised the provider's customer service.

Omnify said its solution is helping Redline's engineers and extended support team to bring products to market more quickly, reduce rework and meet customer demand. The streamlined processes created by Omnify PLM free the engineering staff to focus on creating new broadband and wireless products, the provider asserted.

"The value Redline Communications achieves from Omnify PLM is directly related to our solutions' ability to easily manage critical functions in the design process, such as bill of materials processing and ECO management," said Chuck Cimalore, chief technology officer at Omnify. "By freeing engineers to focus on engineering, rather than administrative tasks including redundant data entry and managing part change requests, Redline is well positioned to dominate its market with groundbreaking products."