General Atomics Taps Integrated Business Solution

New software handles multiple product lines, adheres to strict government requirements

New software handles multiple product lines, adheres to strict government requirements

Hampton, NH — January 20, 2004 — General Atomics Electronic Systems, Inc. selected VISUAL Enterprise Aerospace and Defense from Lilly Software Associates after a comprehensive search for an integrated business solution.

Established in 1970 as a supplier of nuclear instrumentation, General Atomics Electronic Systems, formerly Sorrento Electronics, currently offers a range of energy-related products to government and industrial customers. The San Diego-based company designs, develops and manufactures secure and reliable microprocessor/PC-based control and information handling systems used in industries such as petroleum and chemical, nuclear/radiation monitoring, and high power systems and components.

Three years ago, the parent company merged two separate entities under its title. Each company had been using a different enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, so they selected one of the solutions to ensure consistency. After a short while, it became apparent that the system could not meet the company's growing business needs, and it began to look for a replacement solution.

General Atomics Electronic Systems began searching the large list of ERP and supply chain software suppliers and decided to hire a consultant to help the company focus its needs and identify qualified candidates. It narrowed down its list to four suppliers and, after performing qualitative comparisons, chose VISUAL Enterprise Aerospace and Defense from Lilly Software.

"We have multiple product lines and must adhere to strict government requirements. The software had to be able to handle this," said Dirk Koopman, president and chief operating officer of General Atomics Electronic Systems. "We needed tools that would allow us to retro-burden and handle the complexities of our multiple pool burden structure. With VISUAL Enterprise Aerospace and Defense, we liked the ease-of-use, the transparency, and the ability to get critical data without having to search through multiple screens."

Koopman said General Atomics Electronic Systems looks forward to eliminating the time and effort of manual data entry and streamlining its reporting and data collection. "We want to see faster end-to-end performance and meet government accounting requirements with greater ease," he said. "We want to improve our productivity and efficiency so that we can accommodate our growth without increasing manpower. Our business is expanding and with the right tools, we will continue to make our customers happy and increase profits."

General Atomics started implementing VISUAL Enterprise Aerospace and Defense in late December and it plans to go live before June of 2004.