Japan's Meidi-ya Goes Live with Supply Chain Solutions

Implementing i2's demand forecasting, replenishment ordering solutions in bid to reduce costs

Implementing i2's demand forecasting, replenishment ordering solutions in bid to reduce costs

New York — January 29, 2004 — Japanese wholesaler and retailer Meidi-ya has gone live with i2 Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions in a bid to reduce its costs with improved demand forecasting and replenishment planning.

Founded in 1885, Meidi-ya is a long-time supplier of goods to passenger ships. The company also is engaged in wholesale distribution, store retailing, merchandising of private brand goods and import-export.

Meidi-ya has implemented i2 Demand Planner, a demand forecasting solution, and i2 Replenishment Planner, a replenishment ordering solution. The company is now live with these products at its Tokyo and Yokohama locations.

Looking ahead, the company plans to expand its use of the i2 solutions to all of its distribution centers, and Meidi-ya also plans to link the i2 solutions with its homegrown supply chain management system, which already connects Meidi-ya's various divisions with its business partners, including clients and manufacturers.

"We believe that these solutions will improve our demand forecasting ability and enable us to anticipate merchandise demand fluctuation and improve order precision," said Isao Sakano, a director at Meidi-ya. "As a result, we expect to be able to optimize our inventory and reduce stock-outs and dead stock."

Sakano added that by standardizing the company's replenishment ordering and making it more efficient, Meidi-ya is aiming to automate the replenishment of certain products and bargain goods, thereby reducing personnel costs and achieving lower-cost operations.

"Meidi-ya's SCM system is cutting edge for this industry in Japan," said Yoichi Yokomizo, president and CEO of i2 Japan. "Understanding the rapidly changing needs of customers is important in the retail industry. By implementing these solutions, we believe that Meidi-ya will achieve more accurate demand forecasting and be able to improve its business efficiency."