MasterBrand Consolidates Order Management

Cabinetmaker using Vitria integration solution to create single point of interaction for customers across channels

Cabinetmaker using Vitria integration solution to create single point of interaction for customers across channels

Sunnyvale, CA — February 2, 2004 — MasterBrand Cabinets is set to use a solution from provider Vitria for end-to-end business process integration and consolidated order management, with the goal of creating a single point of interaction for all its customers across multiple selling channels.

MasterBrand, an operating unit of consumer products company Fortune Brands, has grown its business and product line through internal growth and high-return acquisitions to offer stock, semi-custom and custom cabinets in a variety of styles and finishes.

With those acquisitions has come the challenge of integrating the systems and business processes specific to each organization. MasterBrand evaluated the option of replacing its multiple systems with a single, standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, but the company bypassed the ERP option because it would not enable MasterBrand to leverage its existing assets while creating a single, centralized process that could be changed and efficiently managed as business demands dictated.

Instead, MasterBrand is working with Vitria to build "MasterBrand One Touch Order Management," a solution that will enable customers to order multiple branded products through a single point of contact. In addition, the solution will offer both electronic and Web-based services, such as end-to-end order management.

This solution, built on the Vitria:CleanOrder solution, is designed for large, distributed organizations that require a single "system of process" to manage orders from request through delivery in near real-time to reduce operating costs, provide end-to-end process visibility, improve responsiveness to unplanned customer issues and increase customer loyalty.

"The MasterBrand One Touch initiative is a cornerstone within our organization to ensure that we can maintain and grow our business cost effectively, while improving customer service and loyalty," said Dave Mewes, vice president and chief information officer at MasterBrand. "The Vitria:CleanOrder solution will enable our [customer service representatives (CSR)] to accept orders for multiple divisions in a single screen, extend real-time order status to both customers and CSRs across all channels and brands, and accurately manage back orders at the customer, production and service rep level."

The One Touch Program creates a single, Web-based order entry screen for CSRs, helping to reduce translation entry errors and improve customer request response times, and allowing MasterBrand to leverage a single CSR to support any sales channel or cabinet brand.

The company also is looking to the solution to provider near real-time order status, including request, confirmed, planned, released to build, built awaiting shipment, shipped-in transit, shipped-delivered and invoiced.

In addition, the solution will enable the creation of an online portal for self-service order management — including order request, order change, query-based order status and back order management.

Finally, Masterbrand is counting on the solution to reduce batch-based processing of orders and back orders to provide better tracking and management of items and material shortages, and to create an enterprise architecture that can be leveraged to address multiple customer and supply chain efforts.

Vitria says that with the implementation, MasterBrand's inbound call volume will be reduced and customer satisfaction will be increased though the availability of online order status, returns and billing administrations will be reduced via a reduction in errors, while single-order processing and single-entry screens will enable the consolidation of staff. Overall operational efficiency will be realized through improved identification and resolution of order issues, the solution provider asserted.