Time Study Tool Comes to Windows XP, Pocket PC

Process improvement software lets users track activities using handheld touch screens, notebook computers

Process improvement software lets users track activities using handheld touch screens, notebook computers

Seattle, WA — March 1, 2004 — Interval Systems, a developer of software tools for process improvement and lean manufacturing initiatives, has released a new solution for Windows XP and PocketPC to help companies conduct more accurate time studies as part of process improvement initiatives.

With AccuStudy Time Study Software, users can conduct time studies using a handheld touch screen or notebook computer containing icons that represent observed activities. Information gathered from a study is transferred to the AccuStudy Reports application, where process analysis is produced.

Time study use stems from the mid-19th century work of Frederick W. Taylor, a pioneer in the field of industrial engineering. Today studies are used across industries to identify process improvement opportunities, to set production or cost standards, and to support lean manufacturing initiatives.

Traditionally, these studies have entailed tracking activities manually using a stopwatch and clipboards, with industrial engineers literally tagging along behind their subjects. Interval says that its solution makes this process faster, easier and more accurate. "We have developed a solution that exponentially improves the ease, speed, and accuracy of conducting time studies," said Jose David, Interval Systems' co-founder.

Key features of AccuStudy include time study data collection and reporting using Windows XP notebook, desktop or tablet PC computers, as well as mobile data collection using Pocket PC and selected Windows CE handheld computers.

The solution provides a centralized time study database with graphical reports for flow chart, study sequence, process summary, non-value adding, average time and choke time. The software supports export to Microsoft Excel, Word and Adobe Acrobat, and the integrated work instruction software offers import capability for text, diagrams and photos.

The data collector's "design mode" offers customization of icon set to match industry and company requirements.

Supported operating systems for the software now include Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Pocket PC 2002 and 2003, Windows CE Handheld PC Edition Version 3.01 and Windows CE Handheld PC 2000.