Supply Chain Management for a Worthy Cause

Lech Walesa Institute Foundation, Help Someone Today tap OrderPro Logistics to manage global supply chain program

Lech Walesa Institute Foundation, Help Someone Today tap OrderPro Logistics to manage global supply chain program

Tuscon, AZ — March 3, 2004 — The Warsaw, Poland-based Lech Walesa Institute Foundation and the Help Someone Today (HST) Co. said they have selected OrderPro Logistics (OPLO) as their exclusive provider of supply chain management (SCM) services worldwide.

Established by Lech Walesa, aNobel Peace Prize winner and former president of the Republic of Poland, the Lech Walesa Institute Foundation was created to "safeguard the tradition of Polish independence and to carry out a research into the most recent history of Poland, as well as to cherish a positive image of Poland and the Poles abroad," according to the foundation's Web site. Lech Walesa Institute Foundation has teamed with the Help Someone Today Co. to meet the goal of selling 1,000 products with the label "Help Someone Today" through supermarkets.

The companies said that 75 percent of the brokerage fee received by the Help Someone Today Co. would be donated to the Lech Walesa Foundation to provide free meals to children in need. HST said that 80 percent of the meals would be served in the region where the HST products are sold, and the other 20 percent of the meals will be served to children in regions that are suffering from wars and natural disasters.

According to Piotr Gulczynski, president of Lech Walesa Institute, "OrderPro Logistics will be the global supply chain management source for our program and will focus on reducing our supply chain costs, thereby increasing the funds available for distribution through our hunger relief program."

Gulczynski added, in a letter that was sent to newspapers and magazines in Poland, that while the free market economy and democracy have delivered so many positive changes in Poland and throughout the world, there are still several hundred million children in the world who experience hunger every day. In Poland alone, he said, there are approximately 700,000 children that live well below the poverty line, where hunger is common.

"Our goal is to sell 'Help Someone Today' products with a value of $120 billion per year, which will provide enough donations to pay for 20 million free meals for children every day," Gulczynski said.