Arena PLM Adoption Extends Across Industries

OEMs choose on-demand solution for product data management, to scale business economically

OEMs choose on-demand solution for product data management, to scale business economically

Mountain View, CA — March 10, 2004 — Arena Solutions Inc., a provider of on-demand product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, said it has new customers in diverse industries, including consumer products, network management, power systems, wireless systems, industrial equipment and automotive supply.

Among the companies that Arena Solutions listed comprise First Alert, Sirius Satellite Radio, Packeteer, Sierra Wireless, Durakon Industries, Radio Systems Corp., GameTech International Inc., Mechanical Technology Inc., Neptune Technology Group Inc., and
Valence Technology Inc.

Arena said the manufacturers chose the on-demand PLM solution because of its ROI and functional and economic advantages over client/server PLM systems and manual processes. For instance, Arena said its PLM solution is designed with a collaborative online environment where manufacturers can selectively share product data and changes with contract manufacturers and offshore partners in order to reduce errors in communication and speed time to market.

"Prior to Arena PLM we managed bills of materials on a home-grown system," said Sandy Hughes, director of IT for Radio Systems Corp. "It was laborious and inaccessible outside of our corporate office, and we knew it wouldn't scale as our business grew. We needed a system that was easy for our engineers, planners and offshore partners to use anywhere in the world. Within the first month of selecting Arena PLM our offshore partners were on the system, and we saw a return on our investment."

Bill Robertson, chief operating officer for Arena Solutions, commented, "A growing number of manufacturers now realize they can reap the benefits of PLM without the cost of new hardware and software installations, and with a minimal initial investment and virtually no downtime for training."