Defense Logistics Agency to Automate Training, Enhance Mission Readiness

Implements learning management system to execute training, readiness and human capital management initiatives

Implements learning management system to execute training, readiness and human capital management initiatives

Arlington, VA — March 16, 2004 — The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) said it has selected Plateau System's 4 Learning Management System (LMS) to manage all aspects of the agency's training and allow the agency to deliver e-learning to its sites around the globe.

Plateau said its software enables DLA to manage learning for 22,000 personnel spanning the United States and 28 other countries via a single unified platform.

DLA provides worldwide logistics support for the Department of Defense (DoD) and supplies virtually every consumable item the U.S. Armed Forces need for operations, from groceries to jet fuel.

"Plateau 4 LMS was selected as the solution for DLA's learning management needs after a thorough competitive bidding process," said Karlon Roop, project manager for DLA. "Plateau 4 LMS will enable DLA to manage and administer virtually every aspect of training and development for its employees."

Plateau's Global Services Organization is implementing the LMS in four phases from April through September 2004. It will be integrated with DLA's Human Resources Information System, allowing administrators to automatically assign training to thousands of individuals based on their job positions and mission requirements.

Plateau 4 LMS will be updated regularly with training records information in order to track career changes and emergency deployments, enhancing organizational readiness by allowing supervisors and managers to refine training requirements in real time.

The DLA said supervisors will track employee skills and plan training requirements to fit the changing needs of the organization. In addition, individual employees will have access to their career plans and learning histories 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

Once the system is fully implemented, DLA employees will have the capacity to access e-learning, and managers will be able to administer training, at anytime and any location through a secure Internet connection and a Web browser.

Specifically, DLA said it would use Plateau 4 LMS for training registration and administration; enhancing the accountability and reporting of management skills, competencies and certifications; complying with document and records management regulations, facilitating DLA's transition to e-learning and blended learning, which is the combination of traditional classroom-based training with online training; and leveraging the LMS technology to support business systems modernization training management and administration.

"Recently, DLA has supported two major, geographically disparate theaters of operation simultaneously, providing supplies to America's armed forces 'just-in-time', while maintaining support to other units, forward deployed and at duty stations overseas and at home," said Paul Sparta, chairman and CEO of Plateau Systems. "This logistical feat shows how important training and readiness is for an agency like DLA. Plateau 4 LMS will help them enhance that readiness by providing the right knowledge to the right people at a moment's notice, regardless of where they are."

Plateau won a competitive bid for the DLA contract that included 46 distinct functional requirements, guidelines for interoperability with its current business environment, compatibility with existing information technology infrastructure and scalability to integrate future training initiatives.