ChevronTexaco Successfully Implements Asset Data Management

Solution to enhance data integrity, usability of plant applications

Solution to enhance data integrity, usability of plant applications

Toronto, CANADA — March 18, 2004 — NRX Global Corp. (NRX), a provider of enterprise asset management (EAM) and asset data management (ADM) solutions for asset-intensive companies, today announced the successful completion of NRX's ACM solution implementation at ChevronTexaco's largest U.S.-based refinery located in Pascagoula Mississippi.

ChevronTexaco said the project involved over 9,000 pieces of rotating equipment and thousands of associated parts. The objectives were to validate the refinery's EAM system data, collect and process all asset related content, and create detailed and accurate bills of material (BOMs) for rotating equipment.

Improving data integrity was considered crucial to optimizing maintenance productivity and enabling refinery reliability programs by reducing the time spent by planners and maintainers identifying and requisitioning parts, according to ChevronTexaco.

ACM said it enabled the company to convert its unstructured data and content into structured transactional information by creating visual associations among plant equipment, related documentation and warehouse materials to provide users with what NRX refers to as a Visual Bill of Material (Visual BOM). The Visual BOM creates the linkage between a plant and the logistics supply chain to ensure availability of parts and supplies vital to plant operations.

The ACM implementation was completed ahead of schedule in less than six months and has an accelerated return on investment (ROI) payback schedule, ChevronTexaco said. The financial savings were originally based on improving the productivity of approximately 50 users.

As a result of the user interface and access to required information, ChevronTexaco said user acceptance of the ACM solution has been much higher than anticipated, and to-date more than 100 plant personnel are actively using ACM. They include operations planners, maintenance coordinators, craftsmen, and engineering and procurement staff. The user acceptance and adoption of the solution has accelerated the expected time savings benefits for ChevronTexaco, the company said.

Houghton LeRoy, research director at ARC Advisory Service, said, "Effective maintenance and collaborative asset lifecycle management (CALM) requires proper information management. It is a significant effort to electronically capture all the important information needed to empower plant floor personnel and enable efficient and cost effective workflow processes."