Marker Ltd. Eyes Improved Online Sales Order Management

Ski apparel company deploying CenterStone solution as B2B platform for customers, sales reps

Ski apparel company deploying CenterStone solution as B2B platform for customers, sales reps

Denver — April 6, 2004 — Ski accessory company Marker Ltd. has tapped Denver-based CenterStone Technologies to provide the underlying technology for its business-to-business solution for customers and sales representatives as part of an initiative to improve its online sales order management.

Marker, a manufacturer of ski apparel and luggage, has selected The Buyer's Page software from CenterStone to let its dealers and sales representatives view Marker's electronic catalogs with current product prices, check product availability, create worksheet order forms and submit and track orders with greater efficiency.

The Buyer's Page is a retail dealer-to-vendor online ordering service. The solution offers basic integration into enterprise resource planning system and real-time inventory capabilities. CenterStone said the solution can help companies lower transactions costs, reduce cycle times, enhance communication and make inventory management more efficient.

"CenterStone demonstrated that current retail users, many of whom are our customers, found it much easier to do business with vendors who use The Buyer's Page software," said Daryl Santos, president of Marker. "We expect implementation of this software will make us a more valuable vendor for our retail partners."

Santos said that with the efficiencies to be gained from booking pre-season orders through a uniform system and "real-time" inventory look-up capabilities available through the CenterStone solution, the decision for Marker to join The Buyer's Page was easy.

"Additionally, this will provide our sales representatives with tools that will allow them to better serve their customers and greatly improve efficiency," Santos added.