Inovis Aims to Ease Compliance with UCCnet

Updates solution to give trading partners increased control over GLOBALregistry item synchronization processes

Updates solution to give trading partners increased control over GLOBALregistry item synchronization processes

Atlanta — April 12, 2004 — Business commerce automation solutions provider Inovis has updated its UCCnet solution suite with the release of BizSync, a component that acts as the management and control layer in the orchestration of various workflows related to item synchronization.

With this addition, the provider says, trading partners can gain visibility to the flow of transactions in the item synchronization process, as well as track the status of items as they are defined, validated and registered at the UCCnet GLOBALregistry and published to specific customers.

All aspects of the process — including extraction of the data, staging and manual corrections, message translation and communication — can be handled and managed through this management console, according to Inovis.

Operating in markets such as the hardline, grocery and general retail sectors, the UCCnet GLOBALregistry houses key product information sent to UCCnet from suppliers and facilitates the retrieval of such information by retailers. Effectively consolidating trading partners on a single standardized platform for data exchange, the GLOBALregistry can benefit suppliers and retailers by reducing costs associated with order errors, streamlining the order-fulfillment process and speeding new product introductions.

To capitalize on the benefits of the GLOBALregistry, retailers and suppliers must provide proprietary pricing and product information to UCCnet. Inovis says its solution for UCCnet, BizManager for UCCnet Services, enables suppliers and retailers to provide the information required to collaborate through the GLOBALregistry, while providing the management and tracking tools necessary to retain visibility and control over the trading process.

BizManager for UCCnet Services now offers certification with UCCnet 2.2.1 and includes the necessary BizSync functionality to translate, validate, manage and publish item information to the GLOBALregistry. MapPack for UCCnet, previously a standalone tool in BizManager for UCCnet Services and specifically designed for supply-side message translation, has also been incorporated into the BizSync solution.

In addition to message translation capabilities, the core functionality of BizSync resides in its Web-based management console. With BizSync, users can view, interact and manage item-level activity, according to Inovis. They can monitor the status of their orders; approve, register and track new and current item information requests bound for UCCnet; and route or configure a view of information based on specific criteria like product categories, job responsibilities or geography.

"With retail and hardline giants backing UCCnet for trading partner connectivity, the retail industry must consider their strategy for demonstrating compliance," said Michael Croxton, senior vice president of marketing for Inovis. "It's our goal to provide comprehensive and flexible solutions to help retailers and suppliers simplify this process and strategically leverage UCCnet and all collaboration initiatives and communications standards for strategic business benefits."

BizManager for UCCnet Services certified for UCCnet 2.2.1 release, including BizSync, is generally available today.

Inovis says it has an installed base of more than130 UCCnet customers. The provider also offers UCCnet training and implementation services to enable customers to cleanse and standardize their product information.