Casio Computer Tackles Supply and Demand Variations

Deploys planning solution from Webplan on Intel-based processes to bridge "reality gap" between plans, real life

Deploys planning solution from Webplan on Intel-based processes to bridge "reality gap" between plans, real life

Tokyo — May 3, 2004 — Casio Computer Co. has deployed a supply chain planning system from Webplan on Intel Itanium 2-based servers to manage constant changes in its supply and demand in real-time and bridge the "reality gap" between plans and real life.

In addition, Webplan has announced a reseller agreement with Kawatetsu Systems in Japan.

Casio initially went live with a supply chain planning system in 2000, but the company subsequently realized it had an unmet need for greater efficiency and more flexible operations. After detailed analysis, Casio saw a need to improve how it was responding to the ever-present variations to supply and demand plans resulting from constant changes in supply and demand.

The company determined that it needed a solution for response management that leveraged its investment in existing systems while providing the performance and flexibility to address its planning challenges. Eventually Casio opted to deploy Webplan's RapidResponse solution.

The solution, which was fully functional in just seven months, leverages the combination of RapidResponse software and Intel Itanium processors and Intel Xeon processor MP-based servers. Casio migrated from a proprietary system to an open standards infrastructure, enabling the company to make real-time adjustments with enterprise-wide insight through integration of both internal departments and suppliers.

Webplan said that RapidResponse running on Itanium 2-based systems can help manufacturers to anticipate potential problems, review multiple action alternatives and align operations to master the "reality gap" between plans and the way events really unfold. The RapidResponse architecture connects directly to front- and back-end systems, and it supports a continuous flow of information across multiple sites, according to Webplan.

"Our supply chain planning solution operates on a weekly or monthly timeframe," said Atsushi Yazawa, general manager of the information technology department at Casio. "With Webplan RapidResponse on Itanium, material, logistics and manufacturing operations are now managed at the moment, giving us a great opportunity to improve business efficiency while enhancing our ability to collaborate with suppliers. Casio is fully leveraging this capability to ensure alignment between supply and demand despite constant changes."

Elsewhere, Webplan recently announced that it had signed a reseller agreement with Kawatetsu Systems in Japan. Kawatetsu is a spin-off from JFE Steel, one of the largest steel companies in the world, and the company has nearly 1,400 employees and earned 2002 revenues of almost $3.4 billion. The company's system integration division specializes in manufacturing, logistics and planning system development and integration.

"Webplan continues to invest in Japan to capitalize on the tremendous growth potential that exists there," said Douglas Colbeth, president and CEO of Webplan. "Partners like Kawatetsu Systems bring the domain expertise and experience to help customers take full advantage of our RapidResponse software."

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