Upgraded Trade Promotion Management System from SYSPRO

Targeted toward SME manufacturers, distributors

Targeted toward SME manufacturers, distributors

Chicago — May 3, 2004 — Enterprise software provider SYSPRO today announced the next generation availability of its Trade Promotion and Deductions Management System (TPM), which automates supplier initiated trade promotions, including trade promotion management, deductions management, complex pricing and multi-tier credit checking.

SYSPRO said the solution is targeted at small and midsize enterprise (SME) manufacturers and distributors that sell products through retail outlets, and enables suppliers to plan and execute promotions while maintaining tight monetary controls.

TPM facilitates the management of vendor allowances, as well as charge backs and claims, according to SYSPRO. It also allows multi-tier credit checking across a hierarchical structure, and the system automatically checks credit limits for incoming electronic data interchange (EDI) orders.

The provider said it integrated into the solution free goods promotions, accrued promotions grouped by type and promotions applied to the sub-accounts of a master account.

TPM enables a company to set common and practical promotion rules, establish pricing based on individual products, product classes or groups and extend promotions to a select class of customers or geographic areas, according to SYSPRO. It allows users to identify qualified promotions and to select them at the time of order entry. Because pricing groups cover multiple line items in order entry, users can easily recalculate prices at any time.

Additionally, SYSPRO said the system enables product groups to be designated by specific prices or percentage discounts. Off-invoice promotions can take the form of price changes, line promotions or order promotions. The system facilitates the tracking of accrued promotions, matching them with specific deduction codes and even automatically applies applicable pricing and qualified promotions for incoming EDI orders. A Deduction Review Facility allows credit managers to easily authorize or reject and reinstate deductions.