HandySoft Updates BPM Platform

Beefs up business process management solution to help users make better decisions in response to real-time events

Beefs up business process management solution to help users make better decisions in response to real-time events

Vienna, VA — June 11, 2004 — Business process management (BPM) specialist HandySoft has released the latest version of its flagship platform, intended to help users make better decisions in response to real-time events through complete visibility into their business processes.

HandySoft says that BizFlow 9 was designed to enable users to monitor business events, identify and prioritize activities that need improvement, and then alter processes in response to real-time changes in market and company dynamics. BizFlow's analysis capabilities help reduce the risks associated with business improvement by providing an approach to defining optimal business scenarios and improvement steps as required by such quality initiatives as Six Sigma, according to the solution provider.

"BizFlow 9 helps move companies from a static world where change occurs 'after the fact' to a dynamic, responsive world driven by real-world business metrics," HandySoft said in a statement.

Upgraded features in version 9 include a "Process Simulator," an integrated simulation and analysis environment that enables the definition of business conditions affecting process and participant performance. The Process Simulator was designed to help companies create "what-if" scenarios by adjusting market parameters, such as inputs, deadlines, constraints and resources. The Process Simulator also lets companies set desired performance targets, and the simulator will suggest ideal parameters to achieve it.

Custom report generation and optimization features are intended to let business users create and share key findings to help justify process improvement initiatives by highlighting inefficiencies and the impact of potential improvements before implementation.

Elsewhere, support for business activity monitoring (BAM) and "reaction in real-time" can help companies mitigate operational and financial risks by implementing processes that react immediately to changes in the business environment. BizFlow 9's "wizard"-based event-detection and response system can allow companies to react more swiftly and in accordance with best practice procedures to changing business conditions, HandySoft said.

The solution also offers wizard-based Web and J2EE service features for reusable, standards-based interoperability with IT resources, such as rule engines, enterprise applications and external partner systems. Additionally, this Web services capability enables companies to extend real-time data monitoring, control, reporting and analysis beyond the enterprise so that critical business information can be supplied in real-time by the entire value chain, according to HandySoft.

"Up until now, businesses have been forced to look in the rear-view mirror and apply static, reactive technologies to address problems as they arise," said Daryn Walters, vice president of worldwide marketing and strategy for HandySoft. "Companies are now demanding technologies that enable them to make decisions based on facts and real-time information instead of guesswork. With BizFlow 9, we offer companies a convergence of technological capabilities to enhance corporate decision-making, rendering it more dynamic, responsive and predictable, thereby reducing risk and costly exceptions so they can more completely serve their customers."