KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boosts Maintenance Productivity

Automates delivery of integrated repair and maintenance data

Automates delivery of integrated repair and maintenance data

Burlington, MA — August 2, 2004 — In a bid to deliver maintenance data to all of its overhaul and line-maintenance mechanics, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Engineering & Maintenance department has gone live with Enigma's 3C Version 8.

KLM said the new system, which has been deployed at KLM's primary Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to manage content for KLM's fleet of Boeing 737, 747, 767, MD11 and 777 jets, has already delivered a five percent increase in maintenance department productivity.

KLM said the Enigma technology provides mechanics with real-time access — via the Web and CD-ROM — to the exact maintenance information they need to perform any service or repair job they may face. By combining technical manuals and illustrated parts catalogs from both Boeing and KLM into one aircraft encyclopedia, the system lowers the time and cost of aircraft maintenance and repair, and helps KLM to get its airplanes out of the hanger and back in the air in less time.

"Enigma 3C allowed us to quickly introduce digital manuals across the KLM organization, providing a more efficient means of consultation and reduced distribution requirements. The complex process of providing 'up-to-date' information to our end users has been made a lot easier to control by going all digital using Enigma 3C," said Michel Labordus, project manager of KLM. "Using Enigma 3C, KLM is delivering 15 [gigabytes] of manual information to its flight lines and maintenance depots, allowing a more efficient way of consulting manuals necessary for maintaining the KLM aircraft."

KLM has introduced digital manuals for its complete Boeing fleet using Enigma 3C and has now started a project to introduce digital Service Bulletins and Component Maintenance Manuals and to replace all remaining microfilms with a digital alternative. The goal is to use Enigma 3C to present all the necessary information to service and maintain KLM's fleet in one uniform application.