Williams to Automate Order-to-pay Processing

Solution from Xign designed to reduce invoice processing costs

Solution from Xign designed to reduce invoice processing costs

Pleasanton, CA — August 26, 2003 — Xign Corp. today announced that Williams, an integrated natural gas company, has selected Xign to automate its order-to-pay processes. Xign said its Order to Pay service is designed to eliminate paper and data entry and lower costs associated with the settlement of business transactions.

Xign said its service supports a Williams business initiative to apply best practices across corporate finance to improve productivity and lower operational costs.

In the first phase of the Xign deployment, the focus will be on increasing the volume of electronic transactions to reduce invoice-processing costs for Williams.

"We chose the Xign Order to Pay service because of its superior product features, diversified client base and future vision," explained David Lambert, project leader at Williams.

"Williams' commitment to applying best practices across its corporate finance operations makes it an ideal business partner," said Tom Glassanos, Xign president and CEO. "We're excited about this opportunity to help Williams achieve new levels of business performance and cost savings across its order-to-pay processes."

Xign said it has processes over $35 billion in transactions and works with such business partners as JPMorgan Chase, MasterCard International and Pantellos.