AFMS/Jiffy Lube Selects Outsourced Billing Solution

Software to enable custom in-bill marketing, as well as intuitive bill design

Software to enable custom in-bill marketing, as well as intuitive bill design

Windsor, NJ — August 31, 2004 — The Ellicott City, Md.-based AFMS, which provides fleet billing for the maintenance services company Jiffy Lube, said today it has selected Billtrust to implement a comprehensive billing solution, which it expects will reduce costs, maximize existing resources and enable custom in-bill marketing for both AFMS and Jiffy Lube.

AFMS said it elected to utilize Billtrust's outsourced paper billing solution and CustomerCare offerings. Billtrust's bill design experts worked with AFMS to create an intuitive bill design, which was aimed to reduce customer confusion and billing related calls to customer service.

Within the new bill design, AFMS also has the opportunity to up sell to its customers through dynamic in-bill marketing efforts, which focus on consistency, efficiency and processing optimization.

Billtrust explained that CompleteBilling begins with the re-design of invoices and monthly statements to enhance them for clarity and ease of comprehension. Billing data is then sent directly to Billtrust for processing, where it is parsed into the specially formatted bill design form.

Specific billing rules are then incorporated, and Billtrust's SmartRouting technology completes the cycle by delivering bills via print, e-mail, fax or e-bill processing. Upon completion, Customer Service staff can then access PDF images of their customers' actual invoices at any time through Billtrust's online CustomerCare solution.

"The new bill design, streamlined bill processing and cost savings are more than we hoped for in an outsourced billing partner; our savings are already apparent," according to Dolly Quinn, president of AFMS. "Through the CustomerCare solution, our staff has been able to quickly and easily address billing questions since they are able to look at the identical image the customer is seeing. Being Web accessible makes this solution incredibly flexible, since you can pull up invoices from any computer."

Flint Lane, Billtrust's president, said that AFMS presented his company with a series of unique billing challenges facing their business. "We are excited that we could design a solution that supported their unique requirements and help them put their bills to work for them."