Minnesota Selects Human Capital Management Solution

Department of Employee Relations redesigns human resources process

Department of Employee Relations redesigns human resources process

Waltham, MA — September 21, 2004 — Authoria Inc., a provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions, today announced that it has been selected by the State of Minnesota Department of Employee Relations (DOER) to provide a Web-based employee self-service solution to support its more than 45,000 State employees, including 16,000 employees at the state's universities and community colleges.

The new software is part of the State's overall goal to deliver services electronically and is in support of Governor Tim Pawlenty's vision of a state government designed to better service all the citizens of Minnesota.

DOER intends to begin its rollout of Authoria Employee Advisor, which is designed to manage employee communication like benefits and human resource policy information, in coordination with the State of Minnesota's annual Open Enrollment season. DOER said it plans to use Authoria Employee Advisor to allow state employees to have better access to personalized benefits information, providing the ability for them to be more informed consumers of their health care.

"Today, we send paper packets of open enrollment materials and summary plan descriptions, but actual enrollment is done online, so our current system is a confusing hybrid of paper and electronic systems," said Cal Ludeman, commissioner of DOER. "Many of the requests for HR information are the types of transactions that are currently done manually, either through walk-ins to an HR office, phone calls or e-mails. Now, with Authoria, we will provide real-time answers online to the most commonly asked questions of HR staff."