NCR Offers RFID Labeling Solution for Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Cites meeting retailer mandates, lowering costs and improving operational efficiencies as benefits of new solution

Cites meeting retailer mandates, lowering costs and improving operational efficiencies as benefits of new solution

Dayton, OH — September 23, 2004 — NCR Corp. said today it is offering a radio frequency identification (RFID) labeling solution that it said will help consumer goods manufacturers meet retailer RFID mandates while lowering costs and improving operational efficiencies.

Developed by NCR's Systemedia Division, a manufacturer of printer consumables, the solution is designed to increase the reliability and consistency of RFID labels for cases and pallets. The company claimed the label supply approaches 100 percent reliability.

NCR said the new RFID labeling solution builds on the company's Auto ID bar-code labeling offer, which has solutions in data capture, transfer and output, including bar codes. The new RFID labeling solution includes consumables and labels that meet either the Class 1 or Class 0 protocol standards required by retailer mandates; thermal transfer ribbons that are designed to eliminate static and print on RFID smart labels; printers and data collection devices; service on hardware components; software for printer and label formatting; and eMedia, a suite of online services that include ordering, tracking and payment.

In addition, NCR said its manufactured thermal transfer ribbons create a barrier to electrostatic discharge, which can affect RFID components. Future enhancements to the NCR solution will include an expanded array of customized printed labels and sizes tailored to fit individual manufacturing processes, available in the first quarter of 2005.

In addition to North America, NCR plans to make the solution available in Europe, the Middle East and Asia once global standards and frequency ranges have been finalized.

Over the past year, a number of the world's leading retailers have announced programs requiring their larger suppliers to apply RFID tags to cases and pallets.

"As more manufacturers look to implement case- and pallet-level RFID labeling to meet retailer mandates, the need has emerged for a solution capable of driving down costs and improving dependability and accuracy," said Mark Quinlan, vice president and general manager for NCR's Systemedia Division. "Backed by NCR's retail technology, plus our years of experience in supplying labels, inking systems and other consumables, NCR Systemedia provides manufacturers with technology and products designed to meet retailers' requirements."