Driving Channel Revenue at Sana Security

Software company deploys BlueRoads solution to manage rapid growth, build closed-loop lead-management process

Software company deploys BlueRoads solution to manage rapid growth, build closed-loop lead-management process

San Mateo, CA — October 1, 2004 — Software company Sana Security has deployed a channel management solution from BlueRoads to drive channel revenue and provide a closed-loop lead-management process for its entire partner network.

Sana Security offers host-based intrusion prevention software that provides protection from known and unknown attacks for a range of platforms and applications. The company is experiencing rapid growth in its customer base, particularly in the security industry, prompting Sana to look for a solution to help it better leverage its channel and achieve rapid market penetration.

"Business realities are driving the need for effective partner relationship management solutions that keep our partners motivated and actively engaged in our channel sales initiatives," explained Timothy Eades, senior vice president of marketing for Sana Security.

To address this challenge, Sana has opted to deploy BlueRoads' flagship solution, BlueRoads 5. With BlueRoads 5, partners actively participate in the system through BlueRoads' Active Participation Network, which maps processes across the globe and down to individual partner sales people in seconds, according to the solution provider.

In addition, BlueRoads applies methodologies intended to streamline channel processes to yield the highest results with the least amount of partner effort. "BlueRoads' experience in developing methodologies that deal with the multi-faceted complexities of the channel makes them the right choice for us as we fuel our growth through the indirect channel and increase our presence in the market," Eades said.

As BlueRoads sees it, optimizing the indirect sales channel is one of the most effective competitive weapons available in today's marketplace. As markets become more global and competition intensifies, companies cannot rely on a direct sales force alone, and the indirect sales channel is crucial.

As a rising vendor in the host-based intrusion prevention market, and as a company whose goal is to remain competitive in all facets of intrusion prevention, Sana Security is competing in a dynamic market environment and believes that leadership technology, compelling products and loyal customers are best supplied and served through a pure channel approach.

BlueRoads said that its solution simplifies interaction by guiding partner reps through processes with a point-and-click interface, requiring only a Web browser and a mouse. This helps to reduce the time and effort required to actively participate in the automated processes, and it increases partner adoption by virtue of the inherent benefits provided to the actual users, the solution provider said.

"Sana Security has established itself as an emerging, progressive company by offering the world's leading host-based intrusion prevention solution." said Axel Schultze, president and CEO of BlueRoads. "We look forward to supporting their expansion efforts with a channel management solution that enables Sana Security to deliver marketing and sales initiatives that provide true partner value at the point of sale where the critical customer interactions are happening."

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