Quehenberger Logistics Deploys Supply Chain Event Management Platform

Austrian company to use Web-native system from G-Log to manage international transportation network

Austrian company to use Web-native system from G-Log to manage international transportation network

Shelton, CT — October 20, 2004 — Quehenberger Logistics Group has selected a solution from G-Log as the platform for its proactive supply chain event management system in a bid to more effectively use transportation capacity, cut costs and improve customer service.

The Austrian subsidiary of Thiel Logistik will use G-Log's Web-native logistics platform, G Log Global Command and Control Center (GC3), to obtain integrated mapping of business processes across the company's transportation network.

Quehenberger will initially introduce GC3 for major customers in the food industry. The implementation will be phased, with road transport being managed by the system by the end of 2004, and then subsequent implementations for rail, sea and air traffic carriers. In addition, Quehenberger plans to roll out the solution across other industries and customer projects. The aim is to be able to monitor, control and optimize all transportation processes in one unified system, across all transport carriers and markets.

The goals of the project include delivering more efficient utilization of available transport capacities, reduced process costs and better customer service through increased delivery deadline accuracy.

GC3 solves technological integration problems by means of the Internet standard XML, whereby the solution accesses Quehenberger's systems and consolidates all the status information, delivering a holistic view of the entire transportation business.

This will enable Quehenberger to identify early opportunities for transportation efficiencies across orders and shipments, and at the same time inform managers in real time of any deviations from the schedule. This supply chain event management (SCEM) capability enables proactive management of disruptions in the transportation network in order to meet respective delivery deadlines and keep supply chain partners more informed.

"We must provide our customers with additional benefits and continuously increase our productivity," said Thomas Eisen, director of supply chain management for Quehenberger. "Our cooperation with G-Log is one of the central pillars of this strategy. That's why we also want to develop the solution further. Once the initial implementation is up and running, we will introduce more functional areas from GC3, such as exception management."

The new project represents an expansion of G-Log's work in Europe, according to Chris van der Harst, managing director of international operations at G-Log. "Winning Quehenberger as a new customer is one of our greatest successes in Europe to date," van der Harst said. "The project will prove once more that, with the aid of GC3, logistics companies can reduce their process costs and increase the performance of their transportation network."