Akibia Enjoys Successful Implementation

IT support solutions provider experiences benefits from service parts management technology

IT support solutions provider experiences benefits from service parts management technology

Westborough, MA, and Atlanta — October 21, 2004 — Akibia, an independent provider of enterprise-class information technology (IT) support solutions for data center environments and security infrastructure, has said that its implementation of a service parts management solution from Servigistics has successfully reached the goals the company intended.

"The Servigistics project has been, by far, the most successful implementation of a software package that I have been involved with from both a business and systems perspective," said Mike Parisi, Global Logistics director for Akibia.

Akibia uses Servigistics to manage over 7,500 disparate service parts and to support over 100 stocking locations around the globe, enabling Akibia to continually develop the service quality delivered to its customers.

Already, Akibia said the scalability of the software has enabled its staffers to review global inventory on a single screen, increase part numbers and product expansion without increasing headcount and view into each stocking locations' shortages, excess and replenishment recommendations for more accurate stocking by part location pair.

"Akibia is the rightful leader in the IT services industry, and their ability to identify and capitalize on several 'what if' scenarios has enabled them to maximize their success," said Eric Hinkle, Servigistics CEO. "We are honored to be associated with an organization that places such a strong emphasis on customer relations, technical support and the 100 percent success of the end user."

Servigistics said it manages the majority of the planning while the buyers and planners manage the exceptions, allowing Akibia to focus more closely on the strategic and core initiatives that ensure customer satisfaction.