Velosel Launches

Software, services offering designed to get retailers, manufacturers up and running on Velosel5 platform, WorldSYNC Data Exchange solution

Software, services offering designed to get retailers, manufacturers up and running on Velosel5 platform, WorldSYNC Data Exchange solution

Santa Clara, CA  November 17, 2004  Velosel, a provider of collaborative product information management (CPIM) software, this week launched a "fast start" program for the WorldWide Retail Exchange (WWRE), a software and services offering designed to get retailers and manufacturers up and running in a matter of weeks on the Velosel5 CPIM platform and the WWRE WorldSYNC Data Exchange (DX) solution.

Available for a limited time, this solution is intended to allow WWRE WorldSYNC members to quickly validate the business benefits realized as a result of global data synchronization (GDS) via the WWRE with their trading partners, and provide a springboard to expand the business case and secure corporate-wide endorsement for larger-scale implementations of Velosel's software.

"We are pleased to expand our relationship with Velosel and provide a simple solution for our members to start reaping the benefits of our WorldSYNC DX solution," said Pete Plotas, director of strategic alliances of the WWRE. "By offering an 'out-of-the-box,' easily integrated CPIM solution, Velosel is enabling its customers and the growing WWRE community to achieve rapid implementation of Velosel's collaborative PIM solution, and in turn, help consumer goods manufacturers and retailers to cut costs, deliver products to market more effectively, and improve customer service as a result of creating, managing and synchronizing dynamic product information across the supply chain."

This week's announcement builds on the growing partnership between Velosel and the WWRE. Earlier this year, Velosel became a WWRE WorldSYNC solution partner, and just last month they jointly announced that Velosel5 is fully compatible with WorldSYNC DX for both retailers and supplier/manufacturers. A content management system and synchronization engine based on global standards, the WWRE WorldSYNC solution suite provides retailers and suppliers with a single point of entry to the global network, as well as connection to the WWRE's direct member directory, according to Velosel. WorldSYNC is a service to WWRE's manufacturer and retailer users designed to ensure the enablement of such critical issues as data quality, connectivity to internal systems and the ability to synchronize price, complex price and promotional data.

"As the only product information management technology provider to date to offer a supply and demand-side solution that interoperates with the WWRE's WorldSYNC data exchange solution, we are uniquely positioned in the industry," asserted Russ Henry, senior vice president of marketing for Velosel. "As we unveil our joint 'fast start' offering, we anticipate expedited adoption of the Velosel5 WorldSYNC-compatible solution and utilization of the WWRE's DX offering. This will enable more companies to realize increased sales through faster new item introductions, improved inventory control and fewer invoice deductions."