Delphi Ramps Up Global Metals Program with Solution from Newview

Initiative aims to drive stability, quality improvement in raw material supply

Initiative aims to drive stability, quality improvement in raw material supply

Fort Worth, TX — December 15, 2004 — Newview Technologies Inc., a provider of direct material specification and procurement solutions, today announced that Delphi, a manufacturer of mobile electronics and transportation components and systems technology, has selected Newview's Coordinated Network Procurement (CNP) solution for its Global Metals Program. Delphi said it plans to improve continuity of supply and product quality and better control total cost of acquisition for critical industrial materials.

Delphi's selection of the solution extends its relationship with Newview, which began when it hired the provider to conduct an analysis of Delphi's metallic material supply network. The analysis provided a detailed view of Delphi's multi-tier sourcing relationships. With visibility to this critical information, Delphi can use the CNP solution and develop dedicated sources for material supply to improve the quality and delivery of raw materials. Delphi plans to implement the first phase of its supply network in North America in early 2005.

"The preceding 12 months have proven to be an extraordinary time for the metals supply market," said Dave Nelson, Delphi's vice president, Global Supply Management. "We believe taking a proactive approach to restructuring supplier relationships with a multi-tier view of our supply chain will continue to enhance our ability to deliver quality products to the market, on schedule and at competitive prices."

With significant raw material spend currently sourced by its sub-tier parts manufacturing community, Delphi plans to restructure allocation and management of this spend on behalf of its supplier network using Newview's Coordinated Network Procurement module. The solution allows Delphi to manage part data, pricing and transactions in a common framework for the purchase of steel and other direct materials.

Newview's CNP solution will use an electronic data interchange (EDI) message infrastructure to coordinate an accurate exchange of information and material flow for specifications and price agreements. In addition, CNP will tie into Delphi's financial systems to provide a closed-loop process through payment and settlement.

"Market leaders such as Delphi recognize the importance of proactively managing critical raw materials that flow through their multi-tier supply chain," said Scott Prince, Newview president and CEO. "Newview has a unique position in helping companies deploy multi-tier sourcing processes to address complex material environments."