e-LYNXX Upgrades Print Management Solution

Latest printLYNXX adds tools to better handle change orders, divide payments for partially completed jobs

Latest printLYNXX adds tools to better handle change orders, divide payments for partially completed jobs

Chambersburg, PA — December 11, 2003 — The e-LYNXX Corp. this week released the latest version of its print management solution, adding enhancements designed to provide buyers with more tools to shorten frequently complicated and time-consuming processes.

The major upgrades in printLYNXX Version 5.13 permit buyers and vendors to more easily handle change orders and to manage divided payments based on partial completion or shipment of jobs.

"Management of the purchase of a print job, with its many milestones and post-purchase modifications, requires a tool that brings order and ease to a sometimes chaotic process," said e-LYNXX Vice President Doug Harbach. "Therefore, a solution that does not work for buyers in their day-to-day activities to manage and archive such things as approval and tracking of both partial payments and change orders cannot be termed a 'full solution.'"

Harbach said that printLYNXX contains the requisite tools that provide effective vendor sourcing and management, specification writing and archiving, estimating and firm price quoting, automated workflow and job status communication, and handling of financials.

"e-LYNXX has nearly three decades of hands-on experience in the day-to-day, sometime hectic lives, of marketing professionals, print buyers and printers, and [the company] understands the challenge of building a Web-based solution that matches all of those stakeholders' challenges," Harbach explained. "printLYNXX 5.13 builds even more into a solution that shows understanding of all the nuances of a print buy and offers tools not available in other solutions to efficiently and correctly complete the contractual and financial aspects of each print job."

printLYNXX 5.13 provides upgraded tools to initiate, negotiate and track contract modifications, including constant updating of the financial impact of these modifications on the final price of a job. The printLYNXX system will automatically prompt a user to request a contract modification when the system detects a slip in the schedule.

While printLYNXX already boasts a job shipment module that allows creation and tracking of multiple destination shipments, the upgrade will also handle the approval and correct association of multiple payments when these are contractually required, or assist the buyer in negotiating and gaining approvals for partial payments when requested by the vendor. The system, in either case, keeps tracks of these payments and ensures each are reflected against the total running invoice.