Research Institute Aims to Improve Contract Management Productivity

Duke Clinical Research Institute selects diCarta solution to manage its agreements

Duke Clinical Research Institute selects diCarta solution to manage its agreements

San Carlos, CA — December 15, 2003 — The Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), the world's largest academic clinical research organization, has chosen a contract management solution from diCarta to manage its agreements.

The DCRI combines the clinical expertise of certain faculty of the Duke Medical Center with the full-service capabilities of a contract research organization to conduct research for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies, as well as government agencies.

The institute will use diCarta's Contracts solution to manage its agreements with pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech sponsors and subcontractors, as well as clinical sites.

diCarta said that Contracts spans every stage of the contract lifecycle, from contract drafting and negotiation, to obligations management and compliance enforcement, through ongoing analysis of contractual obligations and renewal cycles.

With Contracts, contracting professionals will be able to pull up a history of all agreements with a given company and find language that is likely to be approved, based on previous contracts with that company, according to diCarta.

"diCarta Contracts will enable the DCRI to accelerate the speed of our contract creation, review and approvals processes, while ensuring greater consistency of contractual terms," said Marion Jervay, director of contracts management and strategic development at the DCRI.

Jervay added that Contracts' reporting and productivity metrics will also allow the DCRI to continuously improve its contracting processes through improved productivity.

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