Transfix Offers Dispatchers One-Stop-Shop to Manage Fleets

Transfix has released its first standalone software, a digital platform for small and midsize carriers that provides a 360-degree view of fleets and communication with drivers.

Urupong Truck Driver

Transfix, a leading transportation solutions provider that is reshaping the future of freight through its digital freight platform and best-in-class carrier network, today announced the launch of its first standalone software offering. Complementing the company’s existing digital brokerage platform, Fleet Planner, a free, online tool, gives small and mid-sized carriers access to a centralized platform for managing fleets, streamlining operations, and ultimately scaling their business.  

Small and mid-sized carriers make up a vast majority -- and an increasingly critical segment -- of the American trucking industry. Today, while dispatchers within small to mid-sized carriers struggle with many of the same complexities as much larger carriers -- managing driver schedules and preferences, organizing key load information, communicating with drivers -- budget constraints have made technology solutions inaccessible, leaving dispatchers to rely on pen and paper spreadsheets to organize information and ensure nothing falls through the cracks as things change. As a result, carriers are left with siloed views of the business and massive inefficiencies that can cost them up to thousands per year. They also run the risk of missing loads, hurting relationships with customers or wasting truck capacity -- driving further impact to their bottom line.

With Fleet Planner, for the first time, easy to use fleet management capabilities are now available to carriers for free. Offering a singular platform for streamlining dispatchers’ day-to-day operations, Fleet Planner gives users the ability to organize fleets, seamlessly assign loads, including non-Transfix loads, and quickly communicate load details with drivers. Organizations including A&B Carriers and Delivery Management Services, who were early Beta users of the software, saw dramatic impacts on their operations, including savings of upwards of 525 hours of annualized administrative time.

"Fleet Planner makes it so much easier to manage my business and day-to-day as a dispatcher,” said Erin Burton, from A&B Carriers. “Before [Fleet Planner], I had to search across multiple spreadsheets, documents, and apps for key load information, but now it's all in one place. It saves me two hours per day! I especially love that I can easily send texts with load info to my drivers, right from the product," she said.

The free software comes at a time where remote flexibility, contactless communications and overall ease-of-use is valued more than ever. Fleet Planner users can quickly log in anytime from anywhere, with the ability to:  

  • View fleet: Get an immediate, unified view of all in-progress and upcoming loads, with a convenient calendar view.
  • Add and assign loads: add important details for all loads -- including those with Transfix and beyond -- and assign to the right drivers. 
  • Share load details: Streamline communications with drivers via text and save time 

"Transfix continues its commitment to building customer-inspired solutions,” said Lily Shen, CEO and president at Transfix. “With Fleet Planner, we are excited to give small and midsize carriers, who keep the American economy afloat, access to tools previously only available to larger carriers. At a time when the market is more volatile than ever, carriers can turn to Transfix to help streamline operations, reduce administrative costs and scale their businesses.”