SHOWA, Choctaw-Kaul Join Forces to Meet U.S. Demand for PPE

Two companies in PPE manufacturing have come together to meet U.S. demand for American-made PPE gloves that protect frontline workers during COVID-19.

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Kat Ka

SHOWA and Choctaw-Kaul announced a strategic partnership to meet accelerating U.S. demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gloves that are critical to protecting American frontline workers and citizens during the coronavirus pandemic.

The U.S. remains highly vulnerable to COVID-19 PPE demand shocks. Not only are less than half of all PPE (gloves, masks, respirators, etc.) manufactured in North America, but more than 95% of PPE gloves are currently made in Asia (predominantly China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand) - which means the U.S. is vulnerable to foreign supply chain disruptions. Meeting domestic demand for PPE gloves requires partners with the manufacturing and distribution resources – along with a proven track record of delivering high-quality, affordable equipment to commercial and government customers.

SHOWA is currently the only U.S. manufacturer of the Nitrile, single-use PPE gloves that front-line industrial, service, transportation, healthcare and government workers rely on. In late 2019, SHOWA invested significantly in its Fayette, Alabama glove manufacturing facility, and now has the production capacity to meet a 5-year Nitrile glove supply need - today. Choctaw-Kaul is a Native American owned manufacturer and distributer of gloves, personal protective equipment, safety equipment and supplies, and power tools. The organization has more than 100 years of manufacturing and distribution experience across the globe.

  “The combination of SHOWA’s manufacturing capabilities and Choctaw-Kaul’s extensive US distribution network will help ensure that the highest quality PPE gloves quickly get to organizations and individuals who need them most,” said Richard Heppell, COO Americas, Oceania & EMEA, SHOWA. “Domestically sourced PPE for U.S. frontline workers would reduce reliance on unpredictable and often unreliable overseas supply sources, in turn protecting people and lives through the pandemic and beyond.” 

Kenny Tubby, ptesident - Choctaw-Kaul, added: “Our mission has always been to lead our industry in providing safe work environments by supplying quality products and services at a competitive price point, and today’s announced partnership with SHOWA greatly advances that mission. Two industry leaders are coming together to manufacture and distribute American-made products that improve the health and safety of Americans.”