Imaging Technologies Acquisition Broadens Portfolio of Machine Vision Solutions

Zebra Technologies announced plans to acquire Matrox Imaging to broaden its portfolio of machine vision solutions.

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Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies announced plans to acquire Matrox Imaging to broaden its portfolio of machine vision solutions.

“Customers are increasingly deploying automated solutions to augment their front-line workers, enabling them to focus on more complex, higher value workflows, and machine vision is a key technology to help them get there,” says Anders Gustafsson, CEO of Zebra Technologies. “This acquisition enables us to meet our customer’s evolving needs, regardless of where they are on their automation journey—from capturing and analyzing data to facilitate decision-making to deploying physical automation solutions to accelerate the production and movement of goods and materials. We are excited to welcome the Matrox Imaging team to the Zebra family.”  

From BusinessWire:


  • Matrox Imaging offers platform-independent software, software development kits (SDKs), smart cameras, 3D sensors, vision controllers, input/output (I/O) cards, and frame grabbers used to capture, inspect, assess and record data from industrial vision systems in factory automation, electronics and pharmaceutical packaging, semiconductor inspection and more.
  • This acquisition follows last year’s acquisitions of Adaptive Vision and Fetch Robotics. 


“The combination of Matrox Imaging’s technical expertise with the global footprint of Zebra Technologies presents an opportunity for Matrox Imaging to accelerate its long-term strategic plan,” says Lorne Trottier, president and co-founder of Matrox. “With its complementary machine vision and fixed industrial scanning portfolio, Zebra Technologies will be an excellent home for Matrox Imaging.”