Smart Workflow Solution Automates Procurement Process

ORO's new Smart Procurement Workflows solution makes procurement easy and efficient for all employees.

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ORO launched its new software solution, Smart Procurement Workflows, designed to simplify procurement, as well as scale procurement and finance operations to meet compliance and speed needs. 

“My big realization while leading the product team at SAP Ariba was how much of business-critical purchasing is still manual before requisition,” says Sudhir Bhojwani, ORO co-founder and CEO. “It takes employees weeks to onboard and work with suppliers. And the process is not always stuck in procurement or finance, yet they take most of the blame. Procurement simply has become a lot more collaborative. We started ORO to make it easier and faster for business users to engage with procurement and other stakeholders to quickly get the right help to deliver business results fast.”

From BusinessWire:

The adaptable, composable workflows in ORO deliver agility and transparency to:

  • Provide an easy-to-use procurement front-end for business users
  • Bring clarity into the end-to-end process for all stakeholders
  • Reduce the time and manual effort to onboard and work with suppliers
  • Give budget owners and finance view into up-to-date spend pipeline and commitments
  • Scale operations to meet legal, compliance, finance and regulatory requirements