Inspiring Inclusion: Empowering Women in the Tech World

In the future, expect to see more women who have diverted into the tech industry accelerate as more people choose to specialize in this industry.

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International Women’s Day, March 8, with this year’s theme: "inspiring inclusion," is a reminder of the criticalness of inclusion and gender equality in all aspects of life. Yet, despite many organizations across the globe working hard towards improving diversity for decades, huge barriers remain.

According to Forbes, women held only26.7% of tech-related jobs in 2023, while similarly, technology firms with more than 10,000 employees report women’s representation at 26.2%.

Add to that, McKinsey reports that more than half of women in tech leave the industry by the mid-point of their career, which is more than double the rate of men. Reasons cited include weak management support (23%), lack of opportunity (20%), and lack of work-life balance (22%).

What Companies Should Do 

Over the next few years, expect to see more women entering the tech field as people choose to specialize in the industry.

For the sector to attract and retain more women, several critical and strategic steps must be taken into consideration:

  1. Addressing equal pay at work. This is essential in ensuring that women can receive equitable compensation for their contribution. This approach is crucial for building a balanced workforce.
  2. Inclusion also plays a pivotal role. Companies would need to actively hire more women and provide them with opportunities for growth and advancement.  Promoting more women into leadership roles also sends a powerful message and encourages others to follow suit.
  3. Embracing flexible working hours for colleagues is paramount. Recognizing that women often juggle multiple responsibilities – both at home and work – companies can offer flexible schedules. This level of accommodation not only support work-life balance, but also enhances job satisfaction and productivity.
  4. Lastly, the adoption of remote working practices in the workplace. This is a game-changer. For working mothers, remote work provides the flexibility needed to manage family commitments whilst contributing effectively to their roles at work. By prioritizing these steps, the tech industry can create an environment where women are able to thrive, contribute and lead effectively.

Tech is an emerging industry; it will take time for women to start moving into the forefront and step into leadership roles. Over the next few years, expect to witness more leadership growth and women putting themselves in these positions. 

In the future, expect to see more women who have diverted into the tech industry accelerate as more people choose to specialize in this industry. Take in as much as you can to grow and never stop learning. Equally, find mentors or individuals who can help elevate your career and teach you new skills or how to improve existing ones. Think of yourself as a person before you think of yourself as a woman and never be afraid to fail. Women especially should never question their capabilities and strive to keep pushing as far as you can.