Auto Industry to Get Its First Dealer Vendor Exchange

$5.5 million dollar deal could link dealers with more than 10,000 vendors

HOUSTON/PRNewswire/ -- BD Solutions, Inc. has named web solutions designer Habanero Computing Solutions, Inc. to develop and maintain, the first open on-line dealer-vendor exchange for the automotive industry. Habanero and its parent company, Access US, will receive $5.5 million and a 5% equity stake in for the project. Exchange operations are scheduled to begin in October, 2000.

" will be a one-stop cyber location enabling the nation's 100,000 new and used auto dealers to& compar[e] values and negotiat[e] directly with& product and supply vendors to the industry," said David J. Medina, BD Solutions president and CEO. At this writing about 2,500 vendors had already signed a three year contract.

Unlike most new exchanges, this site is subscription based. Dealers will be charged only a $135 monthly subscription fee; vendors will pay just a one-time subscription fee of $395, along with charges of $15 for each RFP response process and $10 per dealer hit on their on-line product portfolio.