Stanford to Study Value of E-commerce Supply Chain and others will participate in study of semi-conductor supply chain

SAN JOSE -- BUSINESS WIRE -- will take part in a Stanford School of Business summer research study of the value of the growing collaborative e-commerce in the semiconductor industry supply chain. Under the supervision of Professor Hau Lee of the Stanford University School of Business, the study focuses on companies in the semiconductor industry. The study will include IC designers and manufacturers, packaging and test service providers, semiconductor equipment manufacturers and printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers.

Officially titled harnessing the Value of Collaborative e-Commerce in the Semiconductor Supply Chain, the study will measure supply chain efficiency. Specific focus areas include the cost savings due to integrating and automating the supply chain and net-market and the identification of where savings come from and an attempt to quantify them.

Professor Lee remarked, "This will be among the earliest academic studies of e-commerce and the first study of the effect of e-commerce on the semiconductor supply chain. There is so much talk about e-commerce, but little quantitative research has been done to truly examine the present and future condition of supply chain commerce. Because of the great history of the semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley, and the strong relationship between Stanford and Silicon Valley technology businesses, it is very fitting that the Stanford Graduate School of Business be the trail-blazer in this research."

Stanford University graduate student, Yoshi Oribe will conduct the study. Dr. Chuaubin Pan of will serve as the coordinator of Oribe's research.

Already in progress, the study will continue through the middle of September. The study focuses upon five major areas: cycle time, procurement efficiency, purchasing efficiency, supply chain cost, and new market areas. Results will hopefully be available to the participating companies in late September.