Start Your scEngines improves efficiency in the food industry, provider of a hosted, Web-based supply chain management system called the scEngine, yesterday announced the successful implementation of the scEngine by Merchants Duty Free, an international wholesale food distribution company whose clients include grocery chains, large independent stores, manufacturers and other food distributors.

Merchants Duty Free is using the scEngine to more efficiently trade with its buyers and suppliers and to better manage the companys supply chain concerns relative to procurement, materials management and fulfillment. As part of Merchants Duty Frees implementation of the scEngine, the company has received a private marketplace environment to serve as the hub for all supply chain activities. Merchants Duty Free has used the marketplace as a more efficient means of transacting with customers around the world. As the scEngine is entirely Web-based, customers can instantly access the Merchants Duty Free private marketplace with just an Internet browser, regardless of geographic location.

scEngine has allowed Merchants Duty Free to reduce the time required to complete a transaction, provide customers with more information on the status of orders and shipments, organize the overall order and fulfillment process providing greater control over the flow of product and reduce the inherent difficulty of working with overseas customers and suppliers in different time zones.

While we considered proposals from alternative software providers, we found that already provided a system that allows for flexibility to meet our specific transaction needs thus eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel, commented Christine Masonek, CEO of Merchants Duty Free. presented a well-tested system that works smoothly and efficiently, at a reasonable cost.