Certified Security

Register.com issues Baltimore digital certificates

NEW YORK & DUBLIN -- BUSINESS WIRE -- November 20, 2000-- Register.com will offer Baltimore digital certificates from Baltimore Technologies to register.com customers worldwide. The expanded offering gives customers the ability to conduct online business with 128-bit security.

"Based on customer surveys, over half of all register.com customers see digital security as an important part of conducting business online, and thanks to today's alliance with Baltimore Technologies, we're in a great position to fulfill this burgeoning need," said Ronald Fried, Senior Vice President of Business Development at register.com. "By generating a more competitive environment, we hope to do with the digital certificate market what we did with the domain registration market and make obtaining online security services easier and more affordable than ever before."

Scheduled for launch in December 2000, register.com customers will soon be able to purchase a digital certificate while registering a domain name, further expanding register.com's role as an online business partner and extending Baltimore's security solutions into the mainstream market of small to medium-sized businesses.

Digital certificates allow web merchants to secure online communication and transactions by verifying the site's authenticity and encrypting private information such as credit card numbers. They act like "electronic passports" enabling companies worldwide to offer secure services for a wide variety of e-business applications such as accessing control of personalized end-user services, voting electronically, authorizing bank transactions, and purchasing goods and services online.

Over the last two years, the market for digital certificates has skyrocketed and is forecasted to continue this trend. International Data Corporation predicts the market for digital certificates will grow from $148.9 million in 2000 to $726.4 million in 2003.