Balancing the Scorecard

Forming an XML Standards Committee

LINCOLN, MA.  BUSINESSWIRE  December 18, 2000  Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, a management service, announced the formation of a Standards Committee to research and propose an XML standard to facilitate the seamless integration of balanced scorecard related applications. The Balanced Scorecard XML Standard will remove many of the technology and software barriers that currently exist when transferring performance management and strategy related information between some applications and across enterprises.

Participating in this Balanced Scorecard XML Standards Committee will be representatives from CorVu Corporation, Gentia Software, Hyperion Solutions Corporation, INPHASE Software Ltd., Oracle Corporation, PeopleSoft Incorporated, PROCOS Professional Controlling Systems AG, Prodacapo, QPR Software, SAP AG and SAS Institute Incorporated.

Dr. David P. Norton, President of Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and co-author with Dr. Robert Kaplan of The Balanced Scorecard and The Strategy Focused Organization said,  The Balanced Scorecard Collaborative ensures that the Balanced Scorecard name maintains meaning through specific processes. These are the establishment of the Balanced Scorecard Functional Standards and the accompanying process to certify software applications for the for conformance to these standards. Working collaboratively to establish XML standards for the Balanced Scorecard is the logical extension of this process that will help bring alignment to this rapidly growing market space and ensure lasting value for customers of vendors who follow the XML standard, once set."


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