Warranty? Yes!

ENTIGO's Warranty! handles warranty claims management for B2B

BUSINESS WIRE  Dec. 18, 2000  ENTIGO (www.entigo.com) Corporation, a provider of B2B, sell- and service-side e-commerce solutions, today announced ENTIGO Warranty! 2.0, a warranty claims management application for B2B e-commerce.

Warranty! automates the interaction between manufacturers, multi-tier channel members and end-users for the registration and claims processing of warranty programs, improving end-user and sales channel satisfaction while saving manufacturers millions of dollars. The application is the first comprehensive warranty program management application in the B2B sell-side marketplace. Rather than just submitting electronic registrations, it allows channel partners to view all claims associated with user groups, validate and classify claims against product registration information and warranty programs, view standard repair time and log actual labor. Warranty! aims to create significant returns within large organizations by reducing the costs associated with administering warranty programs. They hope to reduce costs by decreasing the time to resolve and pay claims, and by providing manufacturers access to claims information to address product quality issues.

Firestone and Ford's problems with tires on Explorer SUVs have brought to light the weakness in the management of warranties at most manufacturing companies, said Kevin Prouty, analyst at AMR Research in the report Alert on Manufacturing, published Sept. 1, 2000. By using e-business technologies like Web-based warranty systems, the North American Automotive industry alone can save hundreds of millions in administrative costs and reduce the warranty processing lead time from months to days.

This product is the result of our partnership with Toro and several other large manufacturers, all of whom wanted to overcome the burden and inefficiencies of paper-based warranty processes, said Mark Demers, vice president of marketing at ENTIGO.
One of the areas Warranty! deals with is registration. When a dealer who uses the application sells a manufacturer's product, all transaction information is recorded and forwarded to the manufacturer, where a legally binding warranty (based on the product's specific terms and conditions) is immediately activated. Warranty registration can be viewed or updated at any time, and is kept on file for verification in the event of a claim.