Security and Compatibility

S2ML promises both

NEW YORK  (BUSINESS WIRE)  Dec. 22, 2000  WebCollage today announced that it has joined the S2ML (Security Service Markup Language) initiative. By using the XML-based secure e-commerce transaction standard in its Syndicator technology, the company ensures that its customers have an efficient and secure means of conducting e-commerce. Additionally, S2ML increases WebCollage's ability to provide users with a consistent and seamless user experience across multiple business partners.

Not only do end-users want to enter their information only once when they visit a Web site, but they want to know that their personal data is being discretely handled, said Eli Singer, CEO of WebCollage. In complying with the S2ML communication standard, WebCollage can assure its customers that single sign-on data exchanged over syndicated applications is completely secure.

Using WebCollage Syndicator, companies can integrate dynamic applications into their Web sites that are actually live on another site. Since, in many cases, users are asked to enter sensitive data that needs to be securely passed between the partnering Web sites, S2ML is a tool for enabling these secure data exchanges.

The goal of S2ML is to create an open industry standard that will enable secure inter-site e-business transactions, said Bill Bartow, vice president of marketing of Netegrity, one of the authors of the S2ML specification. We are pleased to see such widespread support for this initiative from both the vendor and end-user communities.