Another Partner for Ariba

Zeborg becomes Ariba's latest teammate

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NEW YORK -- PRNewswire -- January 11, 2001 -- Zeborg, an online procurement solution provider, recently announced that it is working with Ariba to offer corporate buyers a complete online solutions for the procurement of indirect goods and services. Zeborg will use the Ariba Marketplace and Ariba Dynamic Trade solutions to provide enabling technology to power Zeborg's online procurement applications.

"Zeborg and Ariba's applications will fit together seamlessly to create the most comprehensive procurement solution in the indirect marketplace," said Arnab Gupta, chairman and chief executive officer of Zeborg. "The combination of Zeborg's proprietary technology and the Ariba Marketplace and Ariba Dynamic Trade solutions will ensure that our customers capture and sustain large savings. Solidifying the back-end of the process now will enable us to focus on enhancing our procurement applications, and delivering our solutions to our current customers more quickly."

Leveraging Ariba's Marketplace and Dynamic Trade Platforms, Zeborg will apply its proprietary technology to secure contracts for complex indirect spending areas, ensure efficient transaction capabilities between internal corporate buyers and external vendors, and provide detailed data and analytical tools that empower purchasing managers.

"Zeborg creates value for customers looking to reduce procurement costs," said Bobby Lent, senior vice president, Strategic Development, for Ariba. "The Zeborg team has an excellent track record for securing and sustaining substantial product savings on complex indirect goods and services across a large cross-section of indirect expenses such as print, contract labor, distributed computing, freight and facilities management. We are pleased to be working with Zeborg in this critical procurement area."