Wireless CRM?

GoAmerica and salesforce.com get ahead of the game

HACKENSACK, NJ  NEWSWIRE  January 17, 2001  Lately, the B2B world has been buzzing about CRM (customer relationship management), and the new e-business services that can facilitate the process. But GoAmerica, a wireless data and Internet services provider, and salesforce.com, an enterprise applications and online services provider, seem to have taken CRM to the next level, the wireless world.

GoAmerica and salesforce.com have teamed up to provide wireless access to salesforce.com's CRM services. The combined offering will enable salesforce.com customers to access essential business services and data over major wireless devices and networks. The companies expect the offering to be available in the first quarter of 2001.

According to the agreement, salesforce.com will integrate its application with GoAmerica's Go.Web service to enable secure wireless access to customer information including opportunities, contacts, lead generation systems, reports and calendaring along with complete access to email, intranets and the Internet. Additionally, both companies will be in a position to market and sell each other's products and services. Go.Web technology compresses, encrypts and reformats data, optimizing it for viewing on a variety of wireless devices and data networks.

It is easy to see how wireless communication is changing the way companies interact with their employees and customers, said Joe Korb, president of GoAmerica. Sales professionals spend the majority of their business days outside the office and access to critical data while on the road can dramatically increase productivity and shorten sales cycles. We are delighted that salesforce.com has chosen to integrate with Go.Web to extend the value of their widely used and respected customer relationship management applications that dominate the small to medium sized business markets.

According to the Yankee Group, by the year 2000, almost 30 percent of large North American corporations were expected to provide wireless Intranet access to field service and sales personnel. By the year 2002, there could be as many as 25 million wireless data users.

In today's increasingly mobile workplace, wireless access is essential for developing and maintaining strong relationships with business customers, said John Dillion, president and CEO of salesforce.com. We're pleased to be working with GoAmerica to provide ubiquitous access to our online enterprise services via a variety of wireless devices.