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ec-Content partnership brings content to Asian Pacific e-market

SAN DIEGO, CA -- February 5, 2001 -- Gopher Technology, a content-centric solutions provider for the Asian Pacific region, will now offer solutions from outsourced content management services provider ec-Content to customers in Asia under a partnership announced Monday.

The agreement allows ec-Content to broaden its content reach to support customers throughout the Asia Pacific region, and it expands Singapore-based Gopher Technology's offerings to include ec-Content's content libraries and content enhancement services.

"B2B commerce in the Asia Pacific market is expected to experience tremendous growth in the year 2001 and we believe that content will fuel this growth," said Gopher CEO Vincent Lim. "Our strategic partnership with ec-Content will further extend and complement Gopher's current content solution offerings that enable suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers to participate in and benefit from Net marketplace and e-procurement systems."

ec-Content will support Gopher's implementations with existing content libraries and content management and maintenance services. Gopher will support the supplier relationships and sourcing requirements, as well as provide translation capabilities into multiple languages specific to the region.

Trey Simonton, executive vice president of business development at ec-Content, said that the combination of ec-Content's content libraries and content enhancement and maintenance services with Gopher's content transformation solutions and regional infrastructure would accelerate liquidity for private and public marketplaces in the Asia Pacific.