King of Catalogs

Medical Data Institute licenses their data catalog

LANGHORNE, PA  January 26, 2001  Medical Data Institute (MDI), a medical product catalog company, recently announced that it is making its library of nearly 1,200,000 medical products from more than 2,500 vendors available to other organizations. The catalog, formerly used only for MDI's software and research tools to the medical supply and equipment industry, is now available to license.

Because MDI already has standardized, Internet-ready medical product content, other companies don't need to recreate the wheel', said Karen DiTomasso, vice president of MDI. They are able to quickly make the e-catalogs available to their buyers to help them locate products and make more effective buying decisions.

MDI touts their quality content management. They deliver and continually keep track of medical product descriptions, price changes, discontinued items and offers cross-referencing capabilities. Companies will be able to choose from a master list of e-catalog content and choose various combinations of catalogs or product information to suit their needs.

To start from scratch and create an industry master e-catalog like MDI's would require an investment of close to $1 million, said Matthew Cohn, president of MDI. Companies interested in content like ours can just license the e-catalogs from us for considerably less. They have the added benefit that MDI has established relationships with the vendors.