Now, Voyager

Logility's solutions available on IBM eServer iSeries

Las Vegas, Nevada  March 19, 2001  Collaborative commerce solutions firm Logility today announced the general availability of Logility Voyager Solutions on the IBM eServer iSeries (formerly AS/400). Through the joint product solution, Logility and IBM will allow customers to optimize their supply chain via the Internet while improving customer service, increasing revenues and achieving cost savings.

Logility Voyager Solutions, installed on the IBM eServer iSeries, consists of an Internet-based suite of B2B collaborative commerce applications for CPFR (collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment), value chain strategy, demand planning, promotion planning, inventory planning, replenishment planning, supply planning, and manufacturing planning. The e-business solution can be deployed via an enterprise client-server model or through application service providers (ASPs), both leveraging the eServer iSeries platform.

IBM's hardware, software and consulting services, combined with Logility's suite of supply chain management solutions, enable customers to implement an e-business solution for optimizing direct material planning, sourcing, production and fulfillment for medium-sized businesses.

"The eServer iSeries has a loyal customer base that is now able to leverage the latest in e-business and supply chain optimization, through the Logility Voyager Solutions suite," said Mike Edenfield, Logility CEO. "With the current economic volatility, it is critically important that companies gain greater supply chain visibility to optimize inventory, increase customer service levels and drive top-line growth."