Government Efficiency?

i2 Technologies will provide government agencies with supply chain and marketplace solutions

Washington  April 25, 2001  i2 Technologies, a provider of supply chain and marketplace solutions, yesterday announced that it will offer its supply chain, content and marketplace solutions to federal, state and local governments through its Public Sector, Aerospace, Defense and Airlines Business Unit.

Establishing its intent to enter the Public Sector arena, i2 has completed the administrative requirements established by the General Services Administration (GSA) and has been awarded a GSA schedule contract for its software solutions and professional services offerings. Granted under the Information Technology Products and Services Schedule, this contract enables all federal agencies to purchase products and services directly from i2 through pre-negotiated and priced delivery orders.

"We are excited about the opportunity to tackle the complex supply and program management challenges inherent to the public sector," said Jim White, i2's senior vice president of the public sector with the Aerospace, Defense and Airlines Business Unit. "Government agencies and aerospace enterprises have some of the most complicated supply and logistics chains in the world, and we believe i2's ability to discover value and eliminate inefficiencies in these chains will result in dramatic new efficiencies."

i2's entry into this market takes place as the General Accounting Office (GAO)  the internal auditing arm of the federal government  recommends that government agencies utilize private-sector best practices and commercial software solutions for supply chain and contract management.

Jim White, the former head of federal operations at both Digital Equipment and Platinum, will lead the effort, bringing more than 20 years of public experience to the i2 initiative. The Public Sector division of the team will be based in Washington, D.C.