Married to the Mob

MobShop and Commerce One enter into definitive agreement; MobShop to provide demand aggregation

New Orleans  April 26, 2001  Commerce One has been making more moves in New Orleans this week than a frat boy at Mardi Gras.

At their eLink 2001 conference this week, Commerce One announced the launch of MarketSet 2.0 and Enterprise Buyer2.0, joint ventures with SAPMarkets. It also announced that it was teaming up with Microsoft to offer its solutions through Microsoft's BizTalk framework.

Now, the next big Commerce One news from New Orleans concerns MobShop Inc., a provider of demand aggregation technology for public and private marketplaces. As of today, Commerce One has named MobShop as a business service provider (BSP) for Commerce One e-marketplaces. The signed definitive agreement enables MobShop to offer its demand aggregation technology to current and future Commerce One-powered e-marketplace customers.

MobShop plans to offer demand aggregation functionality to Commerce One e-marketplace clients via the Global Trading Web. Customers selecting the MobShop solution will be able to integrate the technology into the Commerce One MarketSite Operating Environment, the foundation of every Commerce One e-marketplace, providing a robust, open and scalable platform for e-commerce and collaboration.

"We believe MobShop's real-time demand aggregation technology is an important tool for improving liquidity and economic value in e-marketplaces," said Thomas McCleary, senior director of Business Development for Commerce One. "We are pleased to offer MobShop's solutions as an option to the Commerce One e-marketplace community."

"Commerce One is intelligently selecting technologies that compliment their already impressive e-commerce business solution," said Jim Rose, CEO and co-founder of MobShop. "Customers who license the MobShop solution will be able to integrate the solution  into the Commerce One MarketSite"  Operating Environment to access greater functionality in the form of cost-saving and revenue-building technology."