Supply Chain Samba

Viewlocity moves into Brazil

Atlanta  May 15, 2001  Supply chain event management software Viewlocity has announced that Promon*IP, Brazil's largest Internet solution provider, will bring Viewlocity's Integration Broker to the growing Latin American market.

As the foundation for its supply chain event management solution, Viewlocity's Integration Broker connects disparate systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP); customer relationship management (CRM); e-commerce; and e-business from different suppliers, clients and partners, to better visualize a company's internal and external processes.

This partnership increases the range of options offered by Promon*IP, which will now become a reseller and integrator of Viewlocity products in Brazil. Viewlocity plans to adopt special pricing for its integration broker in the Latin American market.

"There is a great need for true collaboration with trading partners in Latin America," stated Pedro Ripper, Promon*IP's executive director. "Our partnership will provide more options for companies in Brazil and in other Latin American countries to create a comprehensive e-commerce solution for customers."

Viewlocity's Supply Chain Event Management solutions are Web-based and allow companies to track inventory, orders and shipments across an integrated supply chain in real-time. Viewlocity's technology also alerts companies to exceptions along the global supply chain and takes corrective action based upon pre-established business rules. Promon*IP is certified by Viewlocity as a partner from the design, license sale and installation stages to post-implementation support in Latin America.

"It is an exciting time for Viewlocity to enter the growing Latin American market with our new partner, Promon," stated Greg Cronin, CEO of Viewlocity. "There is tremendous potential in the region to install collaboration software like Viewlocity's Integration Broker that was developed to provide real-time information across a variety of systems."